Lawn Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive package of organic lawn maintenance services-testing your soil for nutrients and fertility; aerating the yard to loosen soil and provide more oxygen to facilitate grass growth; fertilizing the soil; and providing annual lawn over-seeding.We also offer soil solarization and sod installation services. Solarization is a chemical-free process that is the most effective way to kill all the weeds and weed seed in your turf. Solarization kills seed to a depth of approximately eight inches. No seed can survive below this depth. When we install sod, we always recommend solaring your turf area first. This ensures that existing weeds don't come back to take over your new sod.

Other aspects of lawn maintenance are outlined throughout our list of services. A general summary of lawn maintenance follows:

Aerating because compacted soil is the biggest enemy of healthy grass > Over-seeding to replenish the annual dying of turf grasses like fescue > Fertilizing to increase microbial activity in the soil which feeds your grass organically > Irrigation to protect your investment > Mowing > Weed Control > Leaf mulching or removal to prevent smothering and killing your great grass.

Lawn Maintenance Keeps Your Lawn Looking Great

If you want your walkways, pathways, and driveways looking their best, hire Turf Clips. We will make sure to keep them completely clean at all times, irrespective of season or weather conditions. We will clear up debris, leaves, and grass clippings by blowing off the hard surfaces on your lawn, be they concrete or other types of pavement. And since we firmly believe that a properly manicured lawn is the business card of any property, our team will also carefully edge around the hard surfaces.

Perfection is what we aim for, when it comes to Lawn Care. Our lawn trimming process has been designed with great care for the health and happiness of your grass. This is why we mow 3-4 inches at a time, in order to help nurture the lawn to become more drought-tolerant and looking lush throughout the year. For a truly thorough lawn mowing job, we recommend mulching to our clients - our method makes use of mulching mowers that return nutrients (grass clippings) to the soil as a free source of organic matter.

And the best part? We're serious about what we do, as well as affordable. We bill our regular customers on a monthly basis.

Lawn Care Services

At Turf Clips, we like to keep lawn mowing easy for homeowners. That's why we provide them with Lawn Care Services tailored to their needs. Our range of services includes both weekly and biweekly mowing plans. When you call on us, you can be sure you will never have to pay for services you don't require, nor see your lawn waste away due to a lack of proper care. Our team of trained professionals will trim your grass just the right way, with mower blades that are always sharp, so that the grass doesn't tear away and become vulnerable to infections.

We are consummate professionals when it comes to Lawn Maintenance. Our technicians have been trained to look out for all the details, as there's nothing we value more than our clients' satisfaction. We believe that the difference between a job well-done and an average one lies in the little things; that's why we make sure to always keep property gates closed so that your pets stay inside. Another source of worry, when it comes to lawn care, is that some contractors choose to work according to revolving schedule cycles. This is not the case with our teams, which will always arrive as scheduled.

Lawn Seeding

Is your yard showing bald spots and patches? Do you know why? With Turf Clips, we'll get you answers that are based on science rather than on what service or product we want to sell.While it's perfectly natural for any lawn to grow old, the process of lawn over-seeding will work much like an injection of youth into the natural aging process. In reality, most of the grass we have in Nashville, TN is turf grass-usually some variety of fescue. Up to 25% of fescue can die off every year leaving your yard patchy and looking old. Over-seeding in the Fall is the only way to address this decline. Side Benefit: The best defense against lawn weeds is a thick, healthy stand of grass-so the key to getting rid of weeds the organic way is to crowd then out with a thick lawn.

The best time to over-seed is in the Fall because the new grass has several months to develop roots before Winter. Further, when Winter soil temperatures are in the 50's or higher, the new grass will continue to develop stronger and deeper roots. This root development is important for young grass as it heads in to the first hot and dry Summer of its life. For yards that are too sparse and bare, we offer Spring aeration, over-seeding, and fertilizing.

Want an established, thick lawn right away? No problem. Turf Clips provides sod installation services.

Lawn Fertilization

Many homeowners rightfully fear the synthetic chemicals that some contractors use for fertilization purposes. These synthetic chemicals are causing many problems with drinking water and causing trauma for fish and other life that depends on clean water.Turf Clips uses organic products and methods for maintaining your lawn - they are instantly safe for you, your kids, and your pets. We guarantee that our services are entirely free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. Eliminating these toxic items helps build a self-sustaining soil ecosystem for your lawn.

Weeds indicate the symptoms of a problem. If you have weeds, your soil is out of balance and lacking in nutrient content. Chemically treated lawns are much like drug addicts: they cannot survive and thrive without the chemicals injected into them.

The lawns we work on will continue looking better and better as the quality of your soil improves over time.